Box Twinning Group – Update – October 2016 Parish Magazine article

Article by James Gray MP (Deputé) pour North Wiltshire, UK (en anglais et français):


4th September 2016 Twinning Charter signed between Box & Sorigny

See the French Newspaper: Nouvelle République: Le jumelage Sorigny-Box officialisé en Angleterre

Shared photos (not edited).

8 videos:
1. Introduction to the Ceremony – Mike Williams, Chairman, Box Twinning Committee,
2. Speech by Stewart Barnes, Mayor of Box,
3. Speech by Alain Esnault, Mayor of Sorigny,
4. Speech by James Gray Member of Parliament North Wiltshire,
5. Speech by Fred Sheppard, President of the Box Twinning Committee ,
6. Speech by Céline Lhuissier-Tudoce, Président du Comité de Jumlage, Sorigny
7. Speech by Baroness Jane Scott, Leader of Wiltshire Council
8. Reading & Signing of the Twinning Charter by the two Mayors

See / A voir les vidéos sur YouTube / See Media.


Letters from the mayors of Sorigny and Box (English & French versions) – see Download/Téléchargez


Box Twinning Group – Update – July 2016 Parish Magazine article

St. Thomas a Becket Church, Box

St. Thomas a Becket Church, Box

Despite strikes and shortages of fuel in France our 7 guests from Sorigny arrived at Bristol Airport from Nantes on Thursday before Box Revels. A full programme of events was planned to show local sights and experience the fun of a Box Revels weekend!

Members of the Box Twinning Group offered ‘B&B’ to our visitors and as usual will have the same offered to them on future trips to Sorigny.

Before the Revels Banquet on Friday morning we arranged an excellent ‘walking tour’ of Box led by local historian Alan Payne followed by a fish and chip lunch at the Quarryman’s Arms – the weather was great and the views even better.

All entered into the spirit of the Revels Banquet and one or two locals wondered if the Twinning Committee from Sorigny would be deterred by the experience – the truth is that they felt very much at home and really enjoyed the evening.

After a great Friday night we felt that a relaxed driving tour of the surrounding area on Saturday would work well stopping for lunch at The George, Sandy Lane before returning to Box for an informal game of Boules at the Northey Arms. Later that evening the French bought the Box Committee a meal at the White Hart Atworth and then took part in a skittles competition – our committee member Thierry Sarkissian the winner!

Sunday saw our own Mayor’s Guide John Currant take the group around Bath for a very detailed and informative walk – many of our guests then had time to buy gifts before returning to Box for a BBQ.

We had the group with us until later on Monday so they were able to see the Revels in full swing before getting back to Bristol for their flight to Nantes – in all it was an enjoyable and successful weekend and we should thank all the committee members and helpers who made it work.

We now have the dates for the Twinning Ceremony later this year – in Box September 4th and in Sorigny October 22nd. There’s quite a lot of work to do and the Box Committee would appreciate additional members who can help at fund raising events and attend both ceremonies. As has always been said we are an open group the only criteria is that people are committed to the twinning idea!

Our website with a link to Sorigny gives news of their activities and those taking place in Box:

A date for your diary – Saturday July 16th – Bastille Day Family Celebration – details later!

Should any reader want more information about our Twinning Group please contact the writer by email