The Twinning Committee was established in January 2011 with the aim of developing a partnership with an English-speaking towny and thereby laying the linguistic and educational cultural exchange that will involve the whole population of the municipality.

During its first year of existence, the twinning committee attended the Europe Day which took place in May in Montbazon. It was also present at the Marché Gourmand August 20 Sorigny as a stand for Desserts.

The committee set up English classes especially for adults in the town which are very successful. Indeed, over thirty « students » are registered and attend school with interest Wednesday night. Classes are taught in a classroom located in the school grounds and made available by the town council.

The 2012 menu, the search for a twin town remains the main occupation of the Twinning Committee. It will also be present at the Festival of Europe to be held in Monts on Saturday 5 May.

So if you have opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom, Ireland or the Netherlands, or if you have contacts in these countries, do not hesitate to make known the twinning of our common wish.

All together, let the noise around this project!

Happy New Year 2012


Sorigny News Bulletin: Activity of the twinning committee Year 2012

The twinning committee has just passed a year full of various activities and live to make known the association, and of course continued to develop a lot of energy to find a partnership with an English-speaking city.

The committee began the year by organizing 11 February the first Valentine’s ball. Particularly cold weather this period have made limited success despite the animation by the orchestra of Michel Dien. This  Valentine’s Ball will continue and thank you in advance to book Sunday, February 17, 2013 for a tea dance.

The Committee also participated in the night market in August organized in the village streets. The success of this market has been significant and we made waffles, pancakes and other Chichis in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The activities continued with the organization of the first lottery Saturday, October 27 at the Village Hall.The number of participants and quality of the offered lots have contributed to the success.

Another source of satisfaction of the association is organizing English classes for adults.

Twenty-four « students » involved in these sessions led by Geraldine Polisset, English teacher. The pace of classes per week refresher and a course for more experienced was kept. The goal is to learn practical English in order to prepare for future twinning or be comfortable when traveling abroad.

Regarding pairing, we are pleased to inform you that contact has been established with the town of Box in Wiltshire, England. We have indeed met in June, Michael Williams, very interested in partnering potential.

Following this meeting, a delegation went to Box on 2 and 3 November and found Michael Williams and his wife Carole and their friends motivated by this project. We made an appointment with this friendly group to help them discover Sorigny in the spring.

After nearly two years of existence, the Twinning Committee has gradually integrated into the pace of local life.Feel free to join us to participate in different activities.

All committee members wish you « A Happy New Year »