The most recent postings on the history of Box



We discover where the Box Tunnel navvies drank, slept and where some were laid to rest in the mortuary building at Tunnel Inn, pictured above.

The centre of Box village has changed little over the last century. Only four buildings in this photo are known to have been demolished.

Box Girl Guides are celebrating their centenary in 2024. We record the story of the origins, guide camps and seaside trips enjoyed by the girls in the 1920s.



Elsie and Doris Wilkins (Aunts of village resident Stella Clarke) show off the latest Box fashions in our article about the Roaring Twenties.

Slades Farm set in a typical north Box hamlet shows the village at its best.

Fancy a ride in this fabulous 1906 Clément Gladiator Double Phaeton, owned by William Littlejohn Philip and driven by chauffeur Alfred Gingell of Bath View, Box Hill?