08/10/2021 Barry Sims died of a heart attack.

Dear Friends – earlier today I heard from Jane Cox that Barry died yesterday 6th October – I have no further information but will let you know when I do.

Barry was a tremendous support in getting our Twinning activities up and running, always keen to lend a hand and his marquee, he was our first Treasurer. He was instrumental, along with other committee members and friends, in being elected to the Parish Council swaying the balance towards the council’s agreement to our twinning with Sorigny – without that early support the Parish Council would have continued to prevaricate and place obstacles in the path of our friendship with the Sorignois.

Michael Williams Chairman Box Twinning Committee 7/10/2021


Hello to you all

As agreed, I sent our deepest condolences to Cheryl first and then to the Twinning members second. We have received many messages of sympathy in return.

I’ll share Cheryl’s with you:
<<Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.  Barry was a special person, Kind, funny and always there for all his many friends. He thought so highly of his many friends in Sorigny and we did intend to revisit as soon as possible.  My friends I cannot explain the complete desolation I feel but he is with me in my heart.  God bless you all.  Cheryl xxx>>

Céline Lhuissier-Tudoce, President, Sorigny Twinning Committee 10/10/2021

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