January 2017 Sorigny Municipal Bulletin

I begin naturally by wishing you the best for this new year 2017. May it be for all of you, a year of projects and personal enrichment.

The Municipal Team continues its investments to offer you a framework of life always more appropriate, more welcoming and dynamic: with inter alia, the works on the Rue Nationale which are now completed. This successful development, has significantly changed our environment thus creating a new atmosphere appreciated by all, favoring the arrival of new activities. Our heart of modern village is also a showcase for our community; its attractiveness is incontestable today. This is the discussion that we hear in the valley and beyond: « Sorigny is on the move! « . This result has become possible thanks to the combination of our energy and projects to achieve a balance between areas of job creation, a modern living centre and space for housing in order to revitalise construction and to accommodate new families.

This ambitious perspective is running and is accompanied offering quality health, schools that are renewing themselves and municipal equipment, both cultural and sports and communities sufficient to meet your needs. Following the renovation of the town hall we benefited in 2016 financial opportunities to improve the energy balance of the Salle des Fêtes and the Elementary School. In 2017, we will complete the « Energy Program » by the multi-purpose hall for the public.

Concerning building works, we have had some concerns with the Salle des Fêtes, an acoustic problem appeared after the restoration of the ceiling. We have done the necessary work and when you read this, the room will again be fully operational to
receive your events.

Rue Nationale

In order to accompany the work undertaken on the Rue Nationale, everyone will be able to enjoy, as soon as Spring arrives, the landscaping of the entries to Sorigny, to the south the windmill Bollée with the overflow ponds and to the north, the landscaping of the roundabout of the Rue des Peupliers.

After two years of intense work in the center of the village, 2017 will be devoted mainly to the work of our roads and our heritage. This year again, the economic development, the urbanisation of our commune, the beautification and development of our territory will be at the heart of our concerns. A community which will be redefined in the first months of 2017 in the framework of the implementation of the (new) law NOTRe.

As you know, our community of communes will merge with the territories of Azay-le Rideau, Villeperdue and Saint Catherine of Fierbois. I want to clarify that the headquarters of this new community who will be called TOURAINE VALLÉE DE L’INDRE remaining in Sorigny in the premises of the current community in ISOPARC. The latter will be at 1st January 2017 represented by 55 elected members of the community. This new intercommunal structure composed of 22 communes, will carry out projects on a thoughtful larger scale, in a coherent and pragmatic manner. It is in this respect that the whole of the Sorignois may, for example, benefit from optical fibre in 2019. This project, funded by the Region, the Department and the Community, proves that our territory has the desire to develop the most advanced technologies as quickly as possible, expected by our businesses and fellow citizens to create new wealth.

It should be emphasized that this is made possible thanks to the synergies of communities who bear infrastructure projects for the future. In particular, this new community will launch further economic and tourism developments.

I renew to you my best wishes for happiness and health for 2017,

Alain Esnault
Maire de Sorigny

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