The Art of Box & Sorigny

As in 2019 the Box art group (Box painting club) invited the 10 fingers to participate in its artistic exhibition. But because of the cessation of classes during the pandemic, the club of 10 fingers could not accept this invitation. A call to the painters of Sorigny was therefore launched and it is with joy that we were able to send 20 paintings which were therefore presented to the inhabitants of Box on November 20 and 21. « The exhibition was a success » told us Brian Weaving, president of the Box club whose members are ready to participate in the exhibition in Sorigny in 2022.
A big thank you to all those who helped us in this project and especially to the painters who agreed to lend us some of their paintings. It was the occasion for great discoveries and above all great encounters.
Thank you
The painters: Charlotte JEAN, Christine COLIN-DESBOURDES, Corinne BURGAIN-BERTOIA, Emilie ESNAULT, Evelyne ESNAULT, Fabienne VIEVILLE, Jacques CARABALLE, Nadine POUZET, Nathalie BARDYN, Simone WAROT and Yves BERTOIA


Brian Weaving, President of the Box Art Club

Brian Weaving

Corinne Burgain-Bertoia – Organisateur à Sorigny

A few of the paintings in the exhibition

The meal on the day of the exhibition

2021 Art Exhibition