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Official visit by Box Twinning Committee to Sorigny

The new head of the Box Twinning Committee Jane Cox and some of the members were welcomed by the President and members of the Sorigny Twinning Committee during the 9th – 14th November 2022. Thus the visitors were settled in to the homes of Corinne & Yves Burgain-Bertoia & Stephen & Martine Helms-Leger followed by an excellent dinner for 9 people chez Corinne.

10/11/2022 A visit to Tours and the Cathedral, a lunch and participation in the English language course managed by Marie-Anne Mairesse and followed by a grand buffet for about 30 visitors and members of the Sorigny CDJ (Comité de Jumelage). See the PDF document of the event and who’s who in 20221110 Sorigny Dinatoire.



11/11/2022 The visitors and hosts were kindly invited by the Mayor of Sorigny, Alain Esnault, to visit the Town Hall with its impressively renovated older section together with the new meeting rooms, wedding hall and facilities. This was followed by a brief visit to the new park with the children’s’ play area and the popular goats behind the L’espace Gilbert TROTTIER (salle des fêtes).

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is, of course, the Day of Remembrance (Jour de Souvenir) for those who died in major conflicts : the World Wars, Algeria and Indo-China. We gathered with the citizens of Sorigny at the Place de la Mairie & walked to cemetery visiting two locations with appropriate respectful silence. We all returned to the Monument de Morts in the Place de la Mairie. Wreaths were placed by two representatives of Box and the Mayor and Antoine Robin. A respectful two minute silence, the reading of the names of the lost and the National Anthems of France and the United Kingdom completed the ceremony.

The Mayor of Sorigny had organised a marvellous aperitif for the town’s people, the CDJ and our important visitors. This was followed by an optional excellent lunch at the Grillon, considered very good value, especially by the CDJ for its modest cost. Naturally though our visitors from the UK were very welcome guests !

We have a collection of photographs which has been compiled into a short video and is in place  with the other videos of 2022 ( see 2022 Videos on YouTube ).

12/11/2022 Some voluntary members of the CDJ met with our UK visitors in the Place de a Mairie to take them to visit the Abbaye de Fontevraud. The convoy of four cars arrived at the restaurant reserved by Céline Lhuissier-Tudoce (Sorigny CDJ Présidente) within an hour : Les Délices. Our English guests were again very pleased with food and considerate service as well as the value, compared to the now inflated prices of restaurant meals in the UK.

Having patiently waited to buy the tickets to enter the Abbaye de Fontevraud, those who had not visited before were duly very impressed with the sheer size and quality of the architecture, its grandeur and its history. It had been converted into a prison in 1813 and remained so until 1963 : 150 years later.

Another photo collection yet to be compiled into a video !

13/11/2022  The Annual General (AG) Meeting of the Sorigny CDJ had been scheduled for the morning of 13th November, so those attending were able to meet the English visitors before the AG, since they had planned a short visit to the new Halle (market hall) before leaving by car to the port of Caen for the English Channel crossing to their homeland.

The AG took place as planned with the usual reporting on the year, activity still being affected by the Covid pandemic and the inevitable energy issues linked to the current Russian-Ukraine war. The meeting comprised the following :

  • Approval of the minutes of the GM of 09/19/2021
  • Reading and approval of the activity report
  • Reading and approval of the financial report and allocation of results
  • Renewal of the outgoing third party
  • Contribution 2023 / 2024
  • Projects and prospects 2022/2023
  • Election of officers (see updates to the Committees below)


Farewell dinner Jane Cox and Sheila Parker were the guests of honneur at dinner, hosted by Stephen & Martine. The other guests were Christine & Nicolas Colin-Desbourdes, Yves & Corinne Burgain-Bertoia.

14/11/2022 Yves & Corinne Burgain-Bertoia kindly provided the transport to return Jane Cox to Nantes Airport for her onward journey to England.

Updates to the Twinning Committees

Following the Annual General Meeting the Sorigny & Box Twinning Committees have been re-elected with a few changes of personnel and renewed energy to  continuing our excellent borough links and friendship:

See: The Sorigny Twinning Committee , renewed following the changes to the bureau and the Administration Advisors, and

The Box Twinning Committee , renewed following the changes to the bureau and the Administration Advisors.

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The Commune of Sorigny

The aim of this web site is to stimulate and maintain interest in the Twinning of Sorigny with similar European villages. This is supported through the elected members of the municipality and the Twinning Committee. We provide here information about the Committee, its activities in forging a twinning with an English village as well as a lot of information about Sorigny, its facilities, associations and local tourism.

Sorigny is now twinned with Box in Wiltshire and the photo below (click to enlarge) shows the Twinning Sign on entering Sorigny from the north on the D910.


Where is Sorigny?

Sorigny is a small French village of the Indre & Loire Department in the heart of the Centre Region. People who live there are called the Sorignois (male) and the Sorignoises (female).

The Indre & Loire is a Community within the Touraine Valley. See the gallery which explains the organisation structure of the ‘Touraine Vallee de l’Indre‘.

Situated on the main route from Paris – Tours – Bordeaux, Sorigny is only 20 km (12.5 miles) south of Tours and 240 km (149 miles) south west of Paris; 5 km (3 miles) south of Montbazon. See Media Downloads / Telechargements

Sorigny is close to the most beautiful chateaux of the Loire valley (including Amboise, Chenonceau, Villandry, Azay le rideau) and well-known wine producers such as Chinon, Mont Louis and Vouvray.

See all about the Twinning Activities, Sorigny & Box.


Sorigny Aerial vers le Nord

Sorigny: Aerial view towards the north